KLC supports customers and their projects from the mold concept stage, done in the perspective of optimized part production with reduced costs, provides packaging solutions and ensures reliability and quality in the product supply.


At the base of the growth of KLC is an early integration in the development process and a simultaneous work with the customer at the concept of the component for an optimal industrialization of the product.

In the background of every project there is a professional team ensuring milestone accomplishment, cost management and process documentation.


The privileged location of KLC at the heart of the internationally known cluster for injection mould manufacturing with a wide array of quality mould makers, within 5km distance, is an advantage with impact on the project management and on the success of the final product.

The vast know how in tooling is used in the engineering stage of the product with the technical team providing inputs that aim an optimized production process for an improved plastic part. The customer is informed regularly with manufacturing progress reports.


The moulding equipment at KLC is modern and adjusted to each particular project. Production team uses state of the art process methods that allow KLC to respond with quality and flexibility to customers’ demands, projects requiring technologies such 1k, 2K, 3K, IML and IMD.

This sector is supported by modern measuring equipment and production control, both essential aspects of process documenting and customers’ service.


KLC has 3 automated painting lines prepared for the application of water based and solvent based materials, pre-cleaning, conventional and UV curing. KLC has experience in the production of parts with matt, high gloss and metallic aspect finishing.

PVD coating
PVD technology, clean chrome plating by vacuum sputtering, used at KLC produces environmentally friendly pieces, more resistant and more economical.

Laser engraving / Pad printing / Silk screening
KLC uses modern laser engraving equipment with vision detection technology. Pad printing up to 4 colours, silkscreen and hot foil are other decorative processes also available at KLC.


The final assembly of components is performed in automatic and semi-automatic assembly lines with the support of testing equipment for quality compliance and technologies like ultrasonic and vibration welding, heat staking, gluing and mechanical press fit. Every assembly stage is monitored visually and automatically.