15 June 2023 – I&D Event – KLC – “Sustainable surface Engineering for functional applications”

July 13, 2023

The 15 of June of 2023 in The hotel Villa Batalha took place, the international workshop on the results of the Green Coat, i9Logo and Smart Display innovation projects. This event aimed to present, in a practical way, innovative and sustainable solutions in the area of “surface treatment” and “surface engineering”, mainly for the automotive, electronics, medical and packaging industries.

Evento I&D – KLC – “Sustainable surface Engineering for functional applications”

You can see the presentation results in this video and the photo gallery at the end of the article:


Event Matters:
1. Technical presentation of the GreenCoat project

The GREENCoat project aims to develop and improve technological solutions that allow the replacement of the current electrolytic chromium plating process in polymeric thermoplastic components, by the addition deposition method, using the vacuum cathodic deposition technology, hereinafter called PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition).



2. Technical presentation of the SmartDisplay project

Smart Display: Haptic touchscreens display “live front”, R&D project carried out by KLC in consortium with UNIVERSIDADE DE COIMBRA aims to develop a new technological solution which combines, in an integrated manner, the development and the industrialization of a new haptic, anti-scratch and washable solution, obtained from the direct application of an electric circuit printed in the polymeric component. This allows to provide a mirror effect or magnetic shield, night/day, on/off touchscreen display by proximity activation and by pressing buttons which “sink”.



3. Technical presentation of the i9logo project

The i9LOGO project, carried out by KLC in consortium with UNIVERSIDADE DE COIMBRA aims to develop a technology solution to produce chromed parts which fulfils the applicable requirements of physical and chemical resistance, in particular, logos for automotive industry, non-electrolytic, through PVD – Physical Vapor Deposition, making the metallization process more sustainable, ecological and enhancing new functionalities.


We would like to thank all the participants, and we are, as usual, at your entire disposal in order to provide you with any additional clarification you deem necessary.
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